Roger Superhero is a graphic novel with 52 colourful pages and little text (like in comics) for chronically ill children between the ages of 5 and 12 years. It tells the story of a sick child named Roger, who defeats his illness and thus becomes a superhero. Our main goal is to activate the self-healing abilities of young readers - that's why: the child gets the feeling that he or she is not at the mercy of his or her illness, but that he or she can contribute to his or her own destiny.


Furthermore, we offer a possibility of identification, give hope and courage and let them feel that they are not alone. Even children who are not sick and sometimes feel excluded, bullied or have little self-confidence and need a role model can find identification in this book.


Every child who needs a book should be allowed to own one. So that even if it is discharged or treated on an outpatient basis, it can always have its personal toolbox for recovery with it. 


5% of each sold book will be donated to Kinder Spitex Zürich for families with sick children in financial need.


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  • Approximately Christmas 2020

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