Roger Keller 

(Storytelling, Finances, Administration, Visualization)



Survivor, athletics and motivational trainer, and comic collector. He gave up his 20-year-long most recent job as a director in private banking to help people with health problems improve their living conditions. He survived a terminal illness in its final stages and is completely healed today. His entire story can be found on, on Facebook and Instagram. Knowing how important a strong mind is while fighting against a sickness, it is his goal to help children find their mental strength when no one else is there to encourage them.


Jelena Keller 

(Communications, Marketing, Administration, Storytelling, Visualization)

Journalist, communication consultant, therapist and former teacher. She worked at Microsoft in the educational department, which deals with internet security, among other things, and teaches this to schools. Furthermore, she taught integration classes. A wonderful and, at the same time, emotionally difficult task. Both hearing about many children’s fates and learning a lot about them. She thought it was remarkable how much strength children can find in the right reference person and how important role models are for all age groups. After she quit teaching, she searched for a possibility to continue to support children on their path.

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Samuel Aguilar

(Illustrator & Colorist)


Freelance illustrator and designer from Celaya (Mexico), who worked at an advertising agency, but whose true passion is street art. He also makes photo art and wall images for companies and restaurants in his place of residence. Among his other achievements like coloring work for VANS. He is involved in this project with passion because he finds it important and inspiring and is more than happy to include his artistic skills in this graphical story. His works for “Roger becomes a superhero” have an incomparable style. They represent modern design in an appealing way for children. The compositions with their color scheme resemble modern animation films. With their unique shine, which is even present in their eyes, he manages to bring the figures to life. His characters are unique and have an individual personality.

His profile:

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